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Corporate Compliance
To be the region's leading health care provider takes a focused and collaborative commitment on many fronts – and from many outstanding professionals. At Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, we rely on the most talented and skilled professionals to bring the absolute latest and best care to our patients. And just as importantly, we're dedicated to the highest standards of business ethics and compliance. Since 1997, our Corporate Compliance Program has helped us reach those goals.

Our Corporate Compliance Program is all about maintaining a tradition and culture of outstanding care and professional integrity. For that reason, we provide employees and concerned individuals with an avenue for addressing compliance and ethical issues. The Compliance Program also monitors the activities of Wilkes-Barre General Hospital and its employees regarding compliance with laws, company policies and the many ever-changing rules and regulations that govern health care delivery. An important task, to say the least.

Importantly, this vital program acts as a vehicle that our employees – and others – can use to report possible compliance-related problems or concerns. The program encourages employees and others to bring issues to our attention. In return, we promise to keep all relevant information confidential. In fact, concerned individuals may even report issues anonymously.

In addition, maintaining an active Compliance Program demonstrates our commitment to responsible corporate conduct and allows us to improve our business processes by identifying potential weaknesses in internal systems and management practices.

The entire Wilkes-Barre General Hospital family – our employees, patients, visitors, volunteers and physician staff – share a responsibility for reporting any activity by an employee, physician, subcontractor, vendor or other party that appears to violate applicable laws, rules, regulations, System policies and procedures or our Code of Conduct. That makes for a better, stronger System, and that's best for everyone.

Although employees are always encouraged to use the normal chain of command to solve or address any problems or issues within their departments, we understand that sometimes being assured support and confidentiality outside of the department is the best way to address certain concerns. Our Compliance Program assures that no retaliatory action will ever be brought against a person for bringing concerns to light. That's an important confidence we've established through our Compliance Program – and one we recognize as essential for our success.

Wilkes-Barre General Hospital is required, under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, to disseminate information regarding the federal civil False Claims Act, the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act, state laws pertaining to civil or criminal penalties for false claims and statements, and whistleblower protection under such laws. To that end, we have developed educational information explaining the federal False Claims Act and similar Pennsylvania legislation. We have also adopted a policy titled CS-190, False Claims Act Information. A printed copy of either document may be requested in writing from the WBGH Compliance Services Department. Please contact WVHCS Chief Compliance Officer, Michael G. Hromchak, MBA, MSHA, CHC at 570-552-1582 with any questions you may have regarding this information.

Employees and other concerned individuals may contact the Compliance Services Department directly by phoning 570-552-1582, or e-mailing

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