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Effective January 3, 2011


At Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, visitors are welcome 24 hours a day. Visitation will be restricted for the following reasons:

  • At request of the patient or legal guardian.
  • The patient is undergoing a medical procedure.
  • Restrictions initiated by the hospital¹s senior leadership or safety officer due to a crisis or special situation (e.g. influenza outbreak).

Restriction will be posted on the patient door, or in case of Hospital-wide restriction, at the main entrances.

Failure to follow the Hospital¹s restrictions or to cooperate with Hospital staff may result in removal from Hospital property.


Wilkes-Barre General Hospital has developed visitor guidelines to protect our patients, visitors and staff. The hospital does not restrict, limit, ordeny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, nationality, origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientations or disability.

  • "Isolation Signs" are posted on patient room doors indicating isolation precautions. Visitors must check with a patient¹s nurse prior to entering the patient room in order to receive specific instructions about isolation precaution procedures.
  • "No Visitation" signs indicate the patient has requested no visitation, is sleeping, or undergoing a medical consult or procedure. No entry is allowed, but visitors may ask at the nursing station to leave a note or receive information about when visitation will resume.
  • A visitor may not enter areas posted with an "Authorized Personnel Only" sign. Visitors are asked not to visit patients if they have a cold, cough, or other communicable illness. It is important to restrict exposure in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases among patients, staff, volunteers and other visitors.  When a patient requests visitation, the Hospital will make masks and other personal protective equipment available with instruction on its use.
  • Visitors may only go to the bedside of a child they are visiting.
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Visitors are required to wear shirts and shoes and conduct themselves in a quiet and considerate manner.
  • All patients of legal age have the right to consent or withdraw consent regarding visitation at any time.
  • All patients shall be informed of their visitation rights upon admission.
  • Visitors cannot consume alcohol products on Hospital property.
  • Smoking is prohibited on Hospital property.


Family Obstetrics Specific Rules
All general visitation rules are enforced on the Family Obstetrics unit plus the following:

  • The Special Care Nursery and Nursery are secured areas. No admittance is allowed unless under the supervision of Family Obstetrics staff.
  • Visitors are asked to remember that new mothers are usually excited but tired, and that brief visits are often best. Visitors are also asked to remember that a breastfeeding new mother will need privacy when it is time to nurse the baby.
  • Siblings under 12 years are welcome to visit their mother and the new baby, under the continuous supervision of an adult. Siblings should not be left in the care of the new mother.


Prison Guarded Patients
All guarded prisoner-patients are denied visitors except terminal cases and those cases with special consideration as approved by the custodian/ authority.

In the interest of patient safety, Critical Care visitation may be limited to (3) visitors per bedside due to room restraints.


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