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Imaging Services
Womens Imaging Center
Thomas P. Saxton Medical Pavilion
468 Northampton Street
Edwardsville, PA 18704
Phone: 570-552-TEST (8378)

Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

please know that the Women's Imaging Center is here and ready to serve your most special needs. When it comes to the finest diagnostics and testing services, in the most comfortable, relaxing environment, make your first choice the best choice: the Women's Imaging Center at the Thomas P. Saxton Medical Pavilion in Edwardsville.

Specially suited to the unique needs of women.
When it comes to health care, women have special issues and concerns. At Wyoming Valley Health Care System, we understand. That's why we created the Women's Imaging Center at the Thomas P. Saxton Medical Pavilion – a convenient, private environment just for women, where all your testing and diagnostic needs are met with the utmost of comfort and discretion.

That's what Wyoming Valley Health Care System's Imaging Services is all about. In convenient locations throughout the region, we offer the kinds of diagnostic and imaging services that can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining – or regaining – your good health.

The best technologies, the finest amenities.
Testing and diagnostics play a vital role in your overall health. That's why we offer the finest and most advanced technologies available. These include devices for state-of-the-art digital mammography, highly sophisticated breast and obstetric ultrasound, precise and painless bone density measurement for osteoporosis detection, and much more. You can be assured of this: Wyoming Valley Health Care System understands the vitally important role that diagnostics, testing and early detection play in maintaining a woman's overall health. So we remain committed to providing the best available technologies.
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Services for women... provided by women.
Of utmost importance, please note that the Center's staff comprises women only. These skilled and compassionate nurses and technologists are specially trained to provide the services you need in a skilled, yet reassuring, comforting manner. Come to us for the finest imaging services, and take to heart our promise of providing you with care and support in an environment that's always as comfortable as we can make it.

Specific services available at the Women's Imaging Center
As a diagnostic center that's tailored specially to the unique needs of women, the Women's Imaging Center provides an unparalleled array of testing services for all kinds of conditions that can affect you. Take great confidence when you come to us for a wide range of imaging services specially for women. These include:

It’s for very good reason that a mammography screening is recommended every one to two years for women who are 40 or older. That’s because successful treatment of breast cancer is often linked to early diagnosis.

Now, diagnostic capabilities are even more enhanced thanks to the addition of our digital mammography service.

Digital mammography uses advanced equipment and computer technology to capture and save the mammography image electronically. That might not sound like a big deal – but the truth is, digital mammography allows physicians to enhance the image and search for tiny abnormalities where they may have been missed before.

In other words, digital mammography can reveal smaller abnormalities far sooner than traditional mammography would have shown them – and possibly years before they would have become noticeable in a self-exam.

When you consider early diagnosis is the best treatment for breast cancer, digital mammography is indeed a life-saving advancement in technology.

What’s more, women might be happy to know that digital mammography is faster that the traditional test. And because the images are saved electronically, digital mammography allows for faster transfer of images between doctors in our network – so additional professional opinions are just a few keystrokes away.

Be assured that our mammography services are among the most accurate and advanced available. Among these offerings is the R2 ImageChecker, a computer-aided detection device which minimizes the possibility of false negative readings during the review of screening mammograms. You’ll probably agree that mammography at Wyoming Valley Health Care System is the best option for breast screening.

Occasionally, breast MRI is ordered to confirm or further evaluate an abnormality that appears on a mammogram or other test. The Women’s Imaging Center understands the great importance of breast MRIs and now offers the most advanced system available for the test.

Bi-lateral breast MRI is widely recognized as the ‘gold standard’ in breast diagnostic testing – and it’s available only at our Women’s Imaging Center. It’s faster because it scans both breasts at the same time, where traditional breast MRI must scan one at a time – usually with a long waiting period in between.

In addition, bi-lateral breast MRI is far more accurate because it takes advantage of sophisticated computer-aided technology that allows the radiologists to digitally manipulate and enhance the image. Tiny abnormalities that may have gone unnoticed in traditional MRIs are more easily spotted and diagnosed. Of course, that leads to earlier treatment and a better chance for a successful outcome.

For women requiring breast MRI testing – and for their physicians – the bi-lateral breast MRI is a real advantage.

We took traditional surgical biopsy and replaced it with outstanding new Mammotome® technology that's far more comfortable, as well as extraordinarily accurate. This stereotactic method uses digital images of the breast to guide a biopsy needle to the precise location of a suspected tumor. It's a highly sophisticated procedure that minimizes risk and discomfort. Also, it eliminates the need for general anesthesia, large incisions and extended recovery time.

Mammograms and other procedures might, at times, require additional testing to confirm or clarify prior diagnostic results. Ultrasound can be a highly efficient technique for identifying breast lesions.

"Traditional" ultrasound images provide a grainy, fuzzy picture – but they've been the best way physicians had to look inside the body – until now. The Women's Imaging Center offers 4D (it stands for "four-dimensional," the fourth dimension being real time) ultrasound in our arsenal of imaging devices. This is far and away the most advanced ultrasound system available providing incredibly detailed live-action images of internal body structures and, as a result, gives physicians and sonographers a far better means of analyzing a fetus or virtually any internal organ or tissue.

Osteoporosis affects about half of all women age 50 and over. Dexascan technology is an accurate, painless and quick way to measure bone density. And, if necessary, it helps radiologists to recommend the most proper courses of prevention or treatment.
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